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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

How to crack CSIR-NET (Life Science) exam in the first attempt

CSIR NET is arguably one of the toughest exam in India and every year thousand of Master's students toil hard to crack this exam in order to begin a career in research and to land promising positions in the field of research and academics. However, many students do fail to crack the exam in the first attempt and this article will provide in depth analysis about how to prepare & tips for keeping you ahead in terms of preparation for these exams.

1. Preparations for the exam should be started preferably 5-6 months before the intended date of the exam as last minute preparations are of little help. It is advised to start preparing Cell Biology and Molecular Biology first since it is a part of the high school syllabus and common portion in both Botany and Zoology both at intermediate and graduation level. This should be followed by Biochemistry, Immunology and Genetics etc.

2. It is always advisable to clear concepts as most of the questions are on concept based problems where a person who has Master's degree by research is always going to have an upper hand.
3. Molecular Techniques (Unit 13) and cell signalling are one of the hottest topics for the exam. If you are able to prepare 8-9 units in depth then I think that will be more than enough as there are plenty of choices in the exam.

4. Always try to build on your strengths and your expertise. If you are from Zoology then try to revise areas of your focus rather than concentrating on Plant subjects. Elementary information about the other subjects will be helpful for answering Part "B" but it will be totally useless for Part "C". If you ask me about my experience I cleared the exam in the 2nd year of M.Sc and I always focused more on my subjects that is Biotechnology core areas like Molecular, Biochem, cell bio, genetics and Immunology.

5. Try to be organized in your study and regular effort is going to be more rewarding than sporadic and last minute studies.

6. Practice lots of questions (MCQs) topic wise pertaining to CSIR, GATE, IISC, JNU etc as they help in strengthening the understanding of concepts and helps save time in understanding the question on exam day. In this way, one is able to understand beforehand the tricks and twists in the questions which may otherwise lead to silly mistakes.

7. One should be careful about their strategy during exam. Since it involves 25% negative marking for each wrong answer, one has to be extremely cautious in selecting questions and answering them. Do not answer every question rather only the ones that one is confirm and confident of being correct to prevent negative marking.

Is coaching advisable for these exams?

Well, certainly coaching involving rigorous methods and concept building is going to help you a long way in shaping your research career and clearing these exams. Organized study material can save you a lot of time in making fresh notes. Moreover, lectures and test series will not only acquaint you with the question trends but also keep you a step ahead in terms of preparations. Moreover, for students who are out of touch with academics or pursing some job, the coaching aspect becomes that much more important for the them to make sure they don't lose focus. Best of luck for you exams.

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